Example: WPRDC's follow-up strategy

WPRDC's data user group meetings are a chance to bring together the organization's existing network of friends and colleagues, as well as meet new people who want to join the growing network of Pittsburgh data users.

As we've mentioned, we joined WPRDC's March 2017 data user group meeting so we got a firsthand look at how they follow up. Immediately after the event, the WPRDC team sent attendees an email documenting the contents of the feedback surveys and the action roadmap we discussed in the Follow through section.

To keep group members engaged, WPRDC also sends out weekly newsletters to inform attendees of data updates. And every few months, coordinators reach out to past attendees and solicit stories about what they’ve done with open data since the latest group meeting.

In developing new tools and projects, WPRDC incorporates data user feedback as a way to make sure that there aren’t tiny usability barriers that keep community practitioners from downloading and using data to make a difference in their neighborhood. WPRDC logged some of their discoveries in a reflection on responsive data programs and how the data user group model helps.

Most importantly, WPRDC plans regular events for group members to come together, share new ideas, and keep projects moving. See their full calendar of past and future events for more creative ideas about events to host in your own community.

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